Location Matters in Downtown Lucknow

IVR Your digital receptionist

Help to route all your calls to your Cabin/Workplace
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Launching Soon in Lucknow With 7000 sq.ft Space

Successfully Launched in Kanpur With 80% Occupancy

Fostering Coffee House Culture With accessible Luxury

Any "Me-too" company can give you infrastructure support, but the million-dollar question is "are they making things cool"...???

State-of-the-art Custom Built Workspaces

Offering dynamic workspaces as per our client's choices...one-size-fits-all is definitely not being a part of our work ethic.

We develop communities fostering niche ideas

History is shaped by ideas"...we acknowledge this old adage, that's why believe in fostering Communities.

Expand your Horizon Presence in Tier-2&3

We provide office solutions from inception to Culmination, Catering to our client's needs extensively.

Space for
Creative People

We provides co-working space for new start-ups, entrepreneurs, coders, designers, freelancers including meeting rooms, dedicated team desks, and cabins. We believe in giving businesses choice, flexibility, and access to a community.

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Our workspaces are pre-approved for

All spaces listed with us have these office basics covered
  • IVR Digital Receptionist
  • Convening Investors Meet
  • Business Networking
  • WiFi
  • Rest Rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Ample Parking
  • House Keeping
  • EPBX/Printer/Projector
  • Economical Luxury
  • Recreation / Lounge Area
  • Conference Room
  • Legal/Accounting Services
  • Reception
  • Transportation
  • Reading Room

Meet Our hub space

Open Sapce

Open workspace solution to meet your needs to set up your own business with a bunch of employees.


Private Office

These ready-to-occupy business centers are complimented by full-scale support and business services.


Conference Hall

Qospace offers convenient and affordable conference spaces as well as a full inventory of meeting room rentals, which you can reserve for the hour, day, or month, without the hassle of a long-term lease.


Rest Room

Thoughtful attention to the design and management of restrooms is more significant than often recognized. It offers the ultimate opportunity for employers and office managers to “walk the talk” of a high performance work environment.


Game Zone

Having some games or destress zones at workplaces are a great way to boost employee energy and productivity!



With a QoSpace kitchen, you can rent space without making a big investment


What Our Visitors Says

I became a recent member of Qospace.com and could not be happier after being a member of another co-working space I won't mention. Not only it is space accommodating allso adjusts to your budget.

by Shyam Verma

After being a member at different spaces for several years, it was about time to create my own coworking space the way I like to work: with amazing people around me, a productive environment with comfy chairs and super-fast internet in a mountain resort. So I am a little bit biased,

by Carlton Sequeira

the atmosphere is the best of all the coworking spaces I have been. nice facilities, great internet, great places to eat around the office

by Ashwin Wagh

Great space, great people, great feel yet professional and inspirational environment. Highly recommend

by Anita Singh

To make the workspace not just a place to create but a place to recreate. This shared office space is a place where the community members seem to have become a family with a goal to grow, expand, and rule.

by Pratik Dhamu
Company Owner
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